When Compassion Moves To Action


When 48 year old Pat Fallon learned of a young cancer warrior named Jonny Wade who was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer (Medulloblastoma) at the age of 7, he felt helpless, yet compelled to act. Fallon has two young sons of a similar age and could not imagine the parents' anguish of having one of their twin boys gravely ill. It was during this time that he saw a television program highlighting the 777 World Marathon Challenge and thought that might be enough of an elaborate stunt to attract attention to the cause of Pediatric Cancer Research.

Fallon was not only an amateur runner, he was NOT a runner at all. He had not even completed a 5k!! This particular challenge was built for extreme endurance athletes who could take on 7 MARATHONS, in 7 DAYS, on 7 CONTINENTS!! Watching Jonny Wade suffer through his own exteme challenge over multiple FaceBook posts only added fuel to Fallon's desire to elevate Pediatric Cancer Research to this worldwide platform.


Pat spoke about his idea with his wife, Susan who had also been following Kimberly Wade's posts about her son. They made a family decision that together they could be doing more to help. The Fallon's contact the Wade's through a neighbor and the idea of running for Jonny began to become a reality quickly!!


As Fallon began heavily training for a 4 month period, the holidays approached. It was Christmas Eve 2015, when Jonny passed away in his parents arms at home in Jerseyville, IL. Pat channeled his despair in learning this news by becoming even more determined to deliver on his promise to Jonny and his twin brother Jacky to complete the challenge he promised he would run that following month, January 2016.


  • Union Glacier, Antartica
  • Punta Arenas, Chile
  • Miami, Florida - Where the Fallons
    first met the Wades face to face
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Marrakech, Morroco
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Sydney, Australia